Tuning Up A Winery for The Public

wine tastingIt is a challenge to have a winery. Grapes are very sensitive to the environmental changes that can sometimes happen. A frost when there shouldn’t be can destroy an entire crop and make it useless for wine. They have to have the right amount of rain, be picked at a certain time, and more. As if this isn’t enough, you must also take a little time to prepare if you want to host tours of your winery. This means tuning up a winery for the public, and it adds even more of a challenge since people expect to see certain things while they are there.

Growing Grapes

savoring wineYour winery needs to have sun throughout the day and plenty of water for grapes to grow. However, although they love water, you have to make sure that water can drain off away from them. Standing water in your vineyard is not good for grapes. You will also find yourself in a constant battle to keep weeds away so that your grapes do not have to fight for their water supply. Your arbors have to be strong enough to hold the grape bush when it is loaded down with fruit. Bugs can be an issue sometimes and you have to get rid of them without damaging the plant or the fruit. To produce quality, you will have to spend virtually every day of the year, making sure that your grapes are taken care of.

Preparing for the Public

wineryAs you open up your winery to the public, you know that most who visit expect to see not only grapes, but the right atmosphere. Wineries in general are thought to be beautiful and perhaps a little glamorous. A few things that we have noticed that people want when they visit our vineyard include; convenience, beauty, and comfort. We started right at the gate before we opened our vineyard to the public. We installed a new gate track that would allow them to simply pull up and drive in. Then we looked around to see what they would see as visitors. Since grapes require full sun, your visitors will want to have a place to get in out of the sun while they sip on the wines that you create. They will want to look out over the grapes and be allowed to taste several flavors. Comfortable seating, shaded areas with fans quietly creating a breeze, and beautiful fountains will all give them the “atmosphere” that they are seeking.

For the Love of Wine

All guests who visit your vineyard will be there for the purpose of trying out your wines. You have a shared love of the wine that you have created. It will take a lot of effort to impress them with your vineyards, but it will be worth it when you host wine tasting events that make people come back for more of the unique flavors that you have to offer. They may even bring friends on their next trip so that you gain more visitors and before long, you can be on the map of one of the greatest vineyards around.