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Strandwolf  Chardonnay is part of our Terroir Specific wines.  Our exploration takes us on a discovery of unique vineyard parcels, producing wines that are terroir expressive. The wines show a true sense of place, reflecting their growing condition perfectly.   

The Strandwolf  vineyard overlook the beaches of False Bay, until the 19th century prior to relocation, the strand wolf, also known as the brown hyena, roamed these beaches. The wine is a celebration of their memory. The vineyard is planted on a soil combination of deep lying granite and sandstone. The vineyard aspect and the close proximity to the ocean, is of great importance for the slow ripening that is achieved.  

Identifying the ideal sites, cool area and marginal soils, is very important for the perfect terroir expression.


Slow ripening is achieved, this giving the grapes ample time to develop optimal fruit flavours.  The wine has a citrus core of fresh limes, which is well defined with crunchy apple and pineapple. Salinity and mineral elements reveals itself on the palate with delicate oak spice adding complexity.  The wine remains fresh, yet restraint, with great length and depth as a result of some 10 months lees contact.

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