Cape of Good HopeIn South Africa, people have a love of showing and celebrating their heritage, especially those who are from the Cape of Good Hope area. It is an area that is part of the Table Mountain National Park and Cape Point Falls and it is an area that was first established in 1652 by the Dutch. This proves that it has an extensive and rich history. One thing that may surprise most people who are not a part of the area though is that for all the heritage that is celebrated here, the Cape of Good Hope is well known for its crafting wines from historic Cape varieties.

History of Wine in the Cape

good hope vineyardEven before the Dutch found and named the Cape, there was wine flowing approximately 150 years before that. There are a lot of vines around Africa that can be dated back many years, mostly in the Western Cape. These elder vines have survived many years of droughts, heat, and winds. Some date back more than 60 years, which may not seem like much, but their history is traceable back throughout a history that is much longer. These old vines are spread across more than 1,000 vineyards and throughout 2,600 hectares of vines. It is a constant search for the elder vines since they are the key to ensuring that good wines are always available.

Present Day Wines

African wineIn Africa, there are vineyards that are dedicated to ensuring the wines they serve are just as enjoyable to drink today as they were in the earliest years. They offer premium wines that are made from vines that have produced excellent grapes throughout the years. Even the entry level wines that are affordably priced are made in such a way that you would never guess that they are “economy” wines. This is because the vineyards strive to show that they produce quality wine, regardless of the money you are willing to spend. However, there is still something to be gained from paying a little more for your wine tasting pleasure.

Savor Quality Flavor

As part of our exploration, we look for unique vineyard parcels. As discoveries happen, wine makers are more able to produce terroir specific wines so that you know ahead of time that when you are sipping wine from this area of Africa, you are enjoying the taste of wine as it should be when it comes from this area. This means that it has the earthy notes that you have come to expect from the Cape’s wines. Every area of the world has its own traditions when making wine. In the Cape, those traditions are still alive and well. You can sip a glass of wine today and it will take you back throughout the years to when wine was first being created in the Cape of Good Hope.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to try some truly good wine, perhaps it is time that you relax and take a few sips of the amazing wines that come from Africa’s coastal area. It will be something that you truly enjoy savoring.