de ALEXANDRIA 2014  



Muscat d’ Alexandrie


Muscat d’ Alexandrie has its origins in ancient Egypt. The vines were first brought to the Cape of Good Hope, in the mid 1600’s, by the early Dutch settlers. Throughout the following centuries, the variety has played a very important role, in grape growing in the Cape.

The vines from which the wine is produced, are mature in age and nature. They are planted on old and weathered soils of decomposed granite, in close proximity to False Bay.

B VINTNERS explores vineyards and celebrates the rich heritage of the Cape of Good Hope, with artisan crafted wines. de ALEXANDRIA was made with minimal intervention, a complete dry style, effortlessly expressing the beauty of this African variety.


The uniqueness of the wines nose, is a starting point to an extraordinary experience. Perfume of rose petals and orange blossom, is well balanced with lime, litchi and pear. The delicate palate, leads you further down a path of new discovery and shows subtle tangerine that lingers. Fresh acidity caresses the palate and gives length to this special wine.

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