Eliminating Vineyard Pests

beneficial insectsVineyards are places that grow grapes so that they can be turned into wine. This wine is then savored by both the rich and the not so rich people who love it. However, vineyards are not without issues. Not only does it take a lot of skills to grow the best grapes you can, it also ensures that you have them free of insects. In some areas, this is quite difficult and, in those places, eliminating vineyard pests is something that they must stay on top of constantly.

Bugs in the Vineyard

Bugs can show up anywhere. There are a lot of different types of insects in most areas of the world. Some are beneficial to vineyards. These include tiny spiders, which prey on other types of insects, and some mites also help the plants. Also included in the helpful list is the ladybugs and wasps that you will often find in a vineyard. Other insects are not so vineyard-friendly. They include mealybugs which are nasty little bugs that infest the berries with their egg sac, which makes them unusable for wine. Leafhoppers and sharpshooters are both types of bugs that eat vine leaves and leave spots on the leaves that they come into contact with. This makes the plant incapable of photosynthesis. This eventually kills the plants or makes them unable to produce new fruits, which can be devastating to a vineyard.

People and Vineyard Tours

vineyard pest leafhopperThe people who visit a vineyard to sample wine or to get an idea of how it is created, do not enjoy seeing plants with bugs everywhere. They also would prefer that there not be other insects attacking them while they are on a tour. These pests are also difficult to get away from in most areas and include mosquitoes, gnats, and no see ums. People especially do not want to deal with these types of biting insects if they are trying to host an event at the venue, such as a wedding or a corporate event. Therefore, if you are an up and coming vineyard, trying to make your way to success, you will want to read an article on how to kill no see ums before you attempt to have someone plan their dream wedding among your grape vines. If you can achieve success in getting rid of the insects plaguing your vineyard, you are going to be a step ahead of most others who are trying to get their name out there.

Beyond the Bugs

beautiful wine vineyardsLearning how to battle the insects will come in as one of your top priorities when creating good wine. It will come second only to land availability and finding good plants to start out with. If you can achieve these three things, the rest will be easy. All you will have to focus your attention on is learning how to create wine blends that taste great and ensuring that your vineyards are beautiful enough that people will want to spend time exploring them. It is possible. There are many vineyards already established as great places to host events or tour. You simply have to get beyond the bugs and you may be joining their ranks.