Adventurous Activities Suitable for A Vineyard

lakeside vineyardWhen we look at a vineyard, we often think of wine tasting. We imagine the upper class of our society sipping away at savory flavors and unique blends. What you may not realize is that virtually anyone can attend a winery event and there can be more to do than just wine tasting. There are some people who may also enjoy having a little adventure while they are there. For this reason, if you want to make sure your vineyard is on the map, you should offer adventurous activities suitable for a vineyard.

Tours for the Vineyard

When it comes to vineyard tours, many people think it is all about walking. There can be some of that, but when you are dealing with people who expect luxury, you may want to take it a step further. Horseback riding through the grapes at a vineyard can be relaxing and even a little romantic. It can be great for both experienced and inexperienced riders if you have horses that are calm and perhaps a short lesson in the commands that they are familiar with. In other areas of the vineyard or for a tour of your entire estate, you may also consider having a horse drawn carriage for people to ride in if you have a large area of land to cover. While your visitors are riding in the carriage, they can have a bottle of wine or two available to sip on while they enjoy the scenery.

Lakeside Vineyard Adventures

horseback riding in the vineyardCan you think of anything more romantic than canoeing in a lake that is on a vineyard? The sweet smell of grapes mixed with the scent of water? Many proposals and romantic moments can happen in this setting and it will appeal to everyone who ventures into your vineyard. If you want to further increase the “adventure” part of it, you can have kayaks available for the people who want them. You can have someone explain the differences between hard-shell versus inflatable kayaks to discover which will work best for your lake and the people that you will have visiting. You may also choose to have stand up paddle boards for those who are truly thrill seekers and not afraid to get a little wet.

Live Concerts

vineyard concertFor the evening hours, you may also opt to have live concerts for your guests. Jazz, instrumental, and other types of music will all make an impression on those who are in attendance. Invite your guests to get up and dance, enjoy the wine, take a stroll through the moonlit vineyards, and more. If you choose to offer this at your vineyard, try to keep in mind the lighting. Trails through the vineyard should have lights that cast a subtle glow, and up around the stage where people are sitting or dancing, candle light and other softly glowing lanterns can all be useful for setting the right tone. The truth is, anything that you do on your vineyard to give your guests a little something extra, will be a reason for them to want to return to see what other, new adventures you may have to offer.